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An online ministry of help, support, and encouragement to wives of pastors, ministers, missionaries, and clergy. You’re the pastor’s wife, and you’re among friends! Online at pastorswives.org, we help each other thrive in our “fishbowl life,” not just survive. If your husband is in vocational ministry — whether he ministers part-time or full-time; to children, youth, or adults — you have found an online community of women facing similar joys and challenges. You truly are among friends at a website that honors, supports, encourages, and helps all pastors’ wives, regardless of denomination.

Just Between Us
WHAT WE DO…Our mission at Just Between Us Magazine is to encourage and equip women around the world for a life of faith.
And, your gift helps us make a difference in the lives of women around the world! In fact, your gift to Just Between Us Magazine provides…
Trusted Biblical Teaching and Resources
The heartbeat of our ministry is to offer a print magazine at its lowest possible price to ensure that everyone has access to relevant, spiritual resources at little or no cost, and free online content reaching people in 195 countries in places the print magazine could never go. By your grace and support JBU can continue to reach women in meaningful ways.
Encouraging Content
Each weekly digital mini-magazine is packed with NEW content that is hand picked for our readers to encourage them in their daily lives. Through our social medical channels women of all ages can be encouraged and their souls refreshed.
A Community for Women
Our online prayer wall, Just Ask Us form, social media channels, and website create a community that women can trust and confide in through every season of life.
An Impact on Future Generations
When you influence women for the gospel, it can create a domino effect—influencing their husbands, children, neighbors, and friends to do the same. Our reach extends far beyond just women.

Clergy Recovery Network
The Clergy Recovery Network exists to support, encourage and provide resources to religious professionals in recovery. If you are a pastor, missionary, religious professional–or a spouse of one–and you need help . . .welcome home. We have been waiting for you. If you struggle with life, marriage or ministry and you are a ministry professional or someone who loves one, this site is for you. Real humans and real solutions await. You will find that simple fixes and pat answers are scarce around here but I hope you will find insight, grace and hope in abundance. I’m glad you found our web page and pray that God will use it to help you find a way through whatever has become unmanageable in your life!

Kay Warren
A life in ministry can offer rich and meaningful opportunities to be a part of the incredible work of the Kingdom of God. It can also be a deeply challenging experience, with unexpected pressures and stresses unique to pastors and their families. No one knows life in ministry better than Kay – mother, author, and wife of Pastor Rick Warren. As a pastor’s daughter and now a pastor’s wife, Kay has spent her entire life in ministry. Drawing on her experiences, she speaks honestly about the joys, tears, trials, struggles, heartaches, and triumphs of a life in ministry.

Leading & Loving It
Leading and Loving It is a ministry dedicated to equipping, connecting, and impacting pastors’ wives and women in ministry. We hope to encourage healthy women and therefore healthy marriages, healthy families, and healthy ministries.

So why CLUTCH?
We prayed about a text that would encapsulate the mission of CLUTCH. And we discovered 1 Thessalonians 5:21.
“…holding on to that which is good.”
As ministry wives, life can be very challenging. Struggling to make ends meet, trying to snatch bits of family time, keeping our sanity as we live a life focused on serving others and meeting their needs – it can all be very overwhelming.
But it is deeply rewarding too. And satisfying. And full of surprises.
Ministry life isn’t the same as it used to be. And with a new generation come new needs and new horizons.
CLUTCH is about holding on to the good stuff. About clinging tightly to what we know God has called us to do: support our husbands, raise our children, follow after His own heart.
And besides that, the word has some very cool meanings. At CLUTCH we hope to inspire you to:

CLING tightly to God’s plan, with
CLASS and style, and personality, all of us
CHICKS in the same generation.

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